Slap that…

Okay, so we have all been guilty of heinous behavior. We have been there slapped that. Let’s talk dirty nonprofessional jerkitis.
Before we accuse another person of taboo behavior we better check ours! That brings us to the question of what constitutes professional behavior? What key things should we not do?
Let’s get down to it!
1. Avoid vulgar name calling.
2. Be respectful of others especially in a disagreement.
3. Respect the higher ups.
4. Be gracious.
5. Dress appropriately.
6. Do not make threats when others refuse to vindicate you.
7. If it is someone else’s group or business then try to respect how they are leading their contacts.
8. Stealing people’s work and ideas should never cross your mind!
9. Using inside knowledge to manipulate others is a no do!
10. Respect… Need I say more?
There are my top ten thoughts on professional behavior. What are your thoughts on this? Let’s weigh in!

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