A Dingwall Mud Bath

It happens to the best of us.
Family and friends can disagree, argue, fight and of course, drag us into it.
There you stand an innocent onlooker in a battle of wills. Who side will you take? Should you even keep breathing their air?
You love both sides of the coin and together they make up something that is yours. Even though they don’t mix with each other they do mix with you.
Oh. They might lie and say it’s not a disagreement but it is. One is seeing themselves helpful the other sees the help as hurtful. Yes, it is a disagreement.
Worse of all you stand in the middle. It’s a Dingwall mud bath and you are the ringmaster. No mercy and no grace will you find the center ring.
What can be worse than when more then a few people mix it up? Well, it seems the moon is right and many of my friends and family are ready and willing to go, Dingwall!
Here I am hiding out watching the door staying off my email and facebook. Avoiding people I love to stay sane. Sneaking to the car so don’t slam the door gotta get away. Nothing worse than getting trapped into giving a Dingwall a ride!
So was I right? Did I do wrong? You agree with me? Get into center ring let’s go round two! Oh, you don’t want to take sides then let me make your life hell!
Even if you mediate it’s your fault if you won’t take a side. Nope, you can’t love everyone when they are Dingwall! So you hideout! Ssshhh, don’t let them see you! Sneak away! Drop all media contact and take the phone off the hook! Hide!
That is why I am in hiding. Actually, peeping out the curtains ditched my media except for this blog. Worst yet mom and I have canceled our birthday parties. We do not want another Dingwall episode like last weeks. Grimace. Oh never fear we will have cake and eat it too. Just not with our lovable Dingwalls!
So here is a post dedicated to all of us MIA’s who love Dingwalls but have to hide out from them all for a while!

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