In memory of Cloetta Ousley

Momma and Jesus

For Cloetta Ousley

By: Deedra Mosley


Momma was always there,

Momma clothed us and combed our hair,

Momma cooked and cleaned with care,

Momma held us on her knee,

Momma was grounded like a tree,

Momma gave us love so free,

Momma dried our tears,

Momma calmed our fears,

Momma closed her eyes,

Momma, we must say our goodbyes,

Momma to Jesus has gone,

Momma one day we shall see,

Momma, you will wait for us by the tree,

Momma the time will go by,

Momma to you now we must say goodbye,

Momma, we will not cry,

Momma to Jesus will be nigh,

Momma to God’s promise we shall cling,

Momma once more you

we shall see,

Momma save us a place,

Momma praise God’s merciful grace,

Momma, now you are in your place,

Momma rest on in God’s grace.

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