Trolling while Polling

I posted this on my other blog and I just had to post it here too…

Trolling while polling is when I look at what people are saying after they vote. No offense to anyone but I hate those buttons that say if you don’t vote don’t complain. They are plain stupid and wrong. Whether you vote or are unable to vote for any reason or just didn’t like any of the options and refused to vote that is fine with me. You still have a voice and I want to hear it! Once in four years voting and thinking you have done something to change the world is stupid! That is right you heard me, it is stupid. If you want to change this world than you need to live your life every day using your voice to speak for those who can not speak and to speak of your morals. Stand up and make choices that show your moral beliefs every day and then you will see the world change! Your voice does matter so get up and use it! Your life shows how you want this world to be so get up and live out loud every day in every way you can! You matter even if you didn’t vote or are too young to do so! That is right I want you to complain but do it with your actions and live the way you want this world to be! Be the change in our nation by starting to live your life out loud today! One Nation Under God may we show him to the world who is in need of him!

God Bless and may you find your life is something beautiful after all!

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