Back to school blues

After having been sick the past two weeks I am finally able to post again. It seems every year as the children go back to school the illnesses multiply. This year I feel once again victim to strep throat and every one of us had it at the same time. Today I feel weak like water and want nothing more than to sleep the day away.

Here we call the illnesses that come on us at the start of school back to school freebies. It seems that every child must become ill during the first month of school or school is not officially started. As a parent, this is the most frustrating of all back to school events. There is nothing worse than having your children suffer from illnesses and being sick while needing to care for them is an added frustration.

The best things I have found that have become like back to school friends to me and my girls are:

1. pocket-size tissue packs

2. hand sanitizer

3. lice spray (I pre-treat their school bags lol)

4. Lysol

How we would survive without these would be only by God’s grace! The best thing we as parents can do is pray for our children and be involved with their lives. Talk to them and listen every day. Don’t forget that even though they are at school all day long they can still be lonely and need encouragement! School can be a bit depressing even for a very outgoing child! Make time for them and listen to their concerns.

We parents have many complaints this time of year. There are many frustrations and stressful issues we face as our children head back to school. Let’s take time to pray for each other and our children. remember those who are over our children’s education too. May God bless your family as you undertake the back to school madness!

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