Beautiful You…

This world is full of such unreasonable standards for us women that it breaks my heart. I feel moved by how some of my friends see themselves and as I thought about my own feelings about beauty I thought I should post a little something for all of us who are struggling to be a more beautiful person.

So many times we hear that beauty comes from within but we find that unbelievable when we see images of the “perfect” woman. No matter how beautiful we really are we can not see it for the mask of hateful visions that assault our eyes each day. We often lose sight of what a beautiful person we already are as we take part in a chase of someone unattainable. Instead of working towards being healthy we find ourselves longing for a look that can never be attained.

Instead of finding out who I am it becomes a who do I look like! We find ourselves changing our hair to look like celebrities or buying a new wardrobe to keep up with a magazine style. Our life becomes a series of how can I be someone I am not. We forget the beautiful person we are and can no longer see what makes us an individual.

What can we do about this? I think it is as simple as looking for something we like about ourselves. When was the last time you listed the things that you feel make you beautiful? If we can spend so much time trolling for a beautiful celebrate style to mold ourselves into then why not celebrate what we have already! Get out your mirror and look for the beautiful you. I have always loved the color of my eyes so I look at them and take a moment to really love being me. I look a little closer too at the things I love to do. I love to crochet and I stop and look at things I have made. All this is a part of the beautiful me! Now pretend you are the celebrate and look for what someone else would want to copy from you!

It takes time to stop the pattern of self-hate. This is not an easy thing to do but you can do it! You can be a more beautiful you by just being who you are already! God loves us no matter how we look. He can see what we can’t that we are more than just how we look or what we wear. We have inside something special. May God bless you as you look inside yourself to find a more beautiful you!

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