Matters of the Heart

Well today I realized that sometimes we need to be the first person to offer peace. Something had bothered me for a long time and I took the first step in showing someone I have forgiven and forgotten and am willing to be forgiven and have it forgotten. The amazing thing about it is that once I took that step I let go. My troubled heart is no longer troubled!

I am really a new person in Jesus! Today proved that he had won my heart. I can die to myself and let his love change my way of thinking! Now perhaps the people in my life I have fallen out of good with may never accept me back into their lives, but I have given them a chance anyway. I took the first step for the glory of God. I realized that while I was still praying for them I had not shown myself friendly as I should have.

I have decided that when we can show others that we have put Jesus first in our hearts that we really should do it! Now that I have started mending fences I feel a weight lift off me. Many times as Christians we say that we want people to see how we have changed, but we do not do our part to show them our new hearts!

It feels good to use my new heart! I hope as you face your struggles with others in your life that you will let God give you a new heart and then put it to good use! It is never easy to forgive and let go, but it is always what brings us real joy. Jesus is our forgiveness and we can claim him for us and then give him to others! One of the scriptures I am absolutely in love with is Psalm 103:12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

I also am really moved by Romans 12:21 Be ye not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good. I do not need my vanity stroked by words of apology to forgive. I just need to look at Jesus and see what he has done to bring me forgiveness and then it is a small thing to show love to those have wronged me or ask forgiveness of those I have wronged!

So if today you are struggling with matters of the heart let me suggest you put some scripture on it and cover it in prayer. Then swallow your pride and put a show of love forward! Let God fill your heart with love and forgiveness. Our hope is in Jesus so let us hold fast to him!

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