Broken for God’s glory…

My Scar 13 years later

It will be 13 years this coming September since I had my tumor removed from inside my spine. I have come to love my scar and I think it is beautiful. It reminds me of where God has brought me from and that he is taking me some where better! Every year I talk about what I went through. This is the first picture I have had taken of my scar I do think. It seemed fitting that my oldest daughter Sanura took it. I was pregnant with her when they found the tumor and had to have her early so I could have my surgery. I am so grateful to be alive and able to post on a Blog. I have to admit there was a time I really thought I would not live. I posted this picture for all of us who are carrying scars. Mine you can see, but some people have scars that you can not see. Every scar is beautiful and tells a story of our life. They make us who we are today.

I am posting below the link to the song I am listening to while I type. I think that Big Daddy Weave really captured my feelings in the song “Every time I breathe” so I just had to post it here for all of us who are discovering how to love God no matter how scarred we are.

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