Sweat’n 2 the Oldies….

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I had hoped it would be later… very much later. I am sitting here boiling with sweat dripping. Yup, my eyelids are even sweating as of this moment. All those years of me hating exercise because you always stink during and after it and now I am sweating and stinking before it. Hot flashes are now just one more part of my day. I have night freezes and morning thaws. My eyelids now can sweat like never before! It is a new amazing trick my body has acquired over this past year.

Sports bras are now my best friends and any pair of pants I put on instantly become hot pants. I now glow and shimmer like a lake and my hair has that been to a really hot beach look all the time. I have realized that there is but one thing to do… put on sunscreen and spray my hair with Not Your Mothers’ Beach Babe and just pretend I am at the beach! It will be very believable even on the coldest day due to the smell of sweat and sunscreen and the fact I am giving off radiating heat as though the sun is baking me!

Yes, I realize I am breaking all the blog rules about not posting about myself … I know that while I am not high drama nor am I famous (yet) that I am still a lot of fun. I do hope at least one person laughs till they cry over my new gift. Since I have now officially become a beach babe 24/7 and will be so until I get the new gift of forgetfulness which will elevate me to the Golden Girls status… I just thought I would give one good blog dedicated to the special gift of HOT FLASHES!

This one is for all of us Beach Babes! I love all of you but don’t stand too close we just might bust out in real flames! Let’s save hugs for when we become Golden Girls and need to huddle together and try to remember what being a beach babe felt like! 😉

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