I Ate the Tiger Mom….

It was bound to happen. Everyone warned me that I would go a bit crazy and primal once I became a mother. I would do things that made no sense and expect everyone to know my children and their needs and be ready to do what keeps them safe and happy. That as I sent them to public school I would become one of those Mothers who no one wants to have come see them. Any attempt at kindness after a primal maternal outburst of anger would not be understood or welcomed. Yes, I am the proverbial ticking mommy bomb.

Every year I get a little worse for it. I am more crazy and concerned. Involved are a way of life and just another part of who I have become. I have joined the ranks of mothers everywhere who want their children to thrive and survive. My best attempts to not be so roaring maternal have failed. I can’t help but feel sorry for those around me caught up in the drama of maternal bliss that I rain on all who are in our lives. I am just glad I am never alone in my maternal efforts. I have seen other mothers go as crazy over little nothings as others see them but major no no’s to us.

I can’t help but think how much better the world would be with a more aggressive mother running it as president. If we could get Government to give us the same care and tough love as we ferocious mothers give our children. This would be a really different and better world for it. Things would get done for sure no matter what we had to do or how long it took!

Yup, I do believe that you can say that I ate the Tiger Mom LOL.

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