Parenting Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: And when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Here we will take a look at teaching our children. I have am sure we all agree that parenting is not without challenges. Every day is a new set of challenges to face. But I have found that when we reside in Gods word and strive to set an example of Godly behaviors for our children nothing cannot be overcome.

I am not a professional but still, I am a parent and here I shall strive to share what I have learned as I have taught my dear children. Here are a few key ideas I have taken away from God’s Holy Word:

1. Speak God’s word

2. Write God’s word

3. Read God’s word

-Speak, Write, Read! Can it be so simple? Yes, it is just as above. When we strive to impart to our children a better way of living it starts with these foundations of Gods word in our lives. This is the building blocks of moral developments and of a deeper relationship with God.

To be able to teach your children you must learn first. You need to spend time in God’s Word each day and to build your life around it. Pattern the behaviors you wish to see in your child yourself. Think of the things you don’t want to see your child do. Are you doing any of them right now? Time to change the example you are setting! Step up and challenge yourself to model the behavior you want to see your children doing!

Here is My Mom’s Plan of Action

1. Pray

2. Pray with your child(ren)

3. Talk with child about the challenges they face or you face as a family

4. Set a good example

5. Get involved

6. Just be there

7. Listen

Now while this is not a cure-all it is a place to start. We as parents need to make time for our children and also to set the example for them! You can also make a daily plan of action… if it is allergies you are facing and trying to control work with your child to list them and to help know what is safe to eat etc. Get the facts about whatever it is your child is facing and talk to them…take time to listen and answer questions too!

Now we will cover what to do when your child’s problems become a source of an attack. We have all been there… have had someone question or just downright be rude over our parenting. Sometimes the best thing to do is just ignore the person and let it go. Other times you might have to stand up for your child. Keep in mind you are setting the example for your child so don’t lose your temper. Ask yourself if it is something you can ignore such as a passing comment from another parent or if it is something you need to deal with such as a family member who is not being understanding towards the needs of your child. Sometimes people see a special needs child and even if they are family do not understand why they need the special care you provide. Talk about it with the family without the child being there and remember they need to see the same information you do with your doctor and other resources. Give them time to get used to the idea and to ask questions. While it is true that there is no real good way to deal with some challenges our children face it is also true that there are very bad ways to deal with it. Never let the child be subjected to the first reactions of others especially family members. They will be shocked, angry, disbelieving and sometimes react undesirably. It is best to let them have time to sort these feelings out before addressing the child. If you stay calm and loving and treat everyone with a kind demeanor even when they might not deserve it and you may not really want to do so it will help build your relationships not destroy them and also set a good example for your child. In public people can be cruel … nothing can change that but you can change how you treat the unkind remarks. Be kind and think of Jesus how he suffered insult and injury for you and your child. It is hard but we must resist the urge to cuss out the person or yell and be unkind back. It is bad enough when someone else is behaving badly in front of our children lets not join them!

Here I would like to point out that if the challenge is a special need you need to talk to your child’s doctor, and also your pastor and get help preparing yourself and your family to make the changes needed to help your child thrive. Never try to face hard challenges alone! God has given us a wonderful family of believers to cling to in times of trial and challenge!

God Bless and may you face your child’s growing pains and challenges with Grace!

Till our next Lesson let us work on building our faith and our childrens faith too!

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