Sell it to the cheap seats…

I watched the TV show mermaids on Animal Planet… I have to say I was disappointed. It was downright silly. I use to watch the X-Files and have seen the Blair Witch Project Movie… It was better than Blair but didn’t hold a candle to the X-Files! I couldn’t help but laugh at parts of it too. The whole thing was Disney like and screamed money was spent on animation. I can’t help but feel sad due to the thought of some ignorant person who might be taken in by it. Shows like that cheapen science and make it a joke. We need to toss evolution, except for the 6th meaning where species can adapt.

I believe in creation, but I would never taint the field of study to suit me. Shows like this one does that for evolution, and it is sad. Really they refuse to allow anyone to think anymore.

What if we came out with a third theory of how the world began? Would they at least look at it? No, they would cry foul and push us to conform to evolution ideas. I don’t expect when I say I believe God made the world for everyone to believe it too. You can think for yourself. Just don’t start attacking me with the argument of my having preconceived notions when you have them also.

I think the freedom to think has been grossly neglected. Why can’t I think different from others? I remember a child long ago saying to me: Why does Santa bring gifts when the Tooth Fairy has money? She could bring them! I replied yes she could. Why should I stop the child from thinking outside of the box? In my house Santa and the Tooth Fairy are dead, but hey we don’t spoil the fun for others. Shhhh, don’t stop those who still believe from enjoying the moment.

I would leave the evolutionist alone if they stopped trying to shove their ideas down my throat! Besides regardless of where we came from here we are, so the question is: What are you doing with your life?

I love the part in the movie The Silver Chair (Narnia) when Puddleglum says even if Narnia is only a dream he would rather keep looking for it because it licked the world the witch had made. Well, even if God is just a dream, I will continue dreaming of him.  Because I believe the world, he created licks the world the evolutionist claim made itself.

I believe in the wonders God speaks of in the Bible and will continue to do so. I won’t push my belief on you, but I shall sit back and in wonder dream and with great enthusiasm seek it. Then enjoy what I have found. For those who love to think outside the popular box, here is a website just for you. Warning it is all about God creating the world and points out disproved information we are still teaching today. At least you know they are after you, unlike the evolutionistic materials.

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