Pattern update! The Emma’s Cowl and Brittany’s Cowl Patterns with one picture of how one of them looks!

These patterns are free for use. Please do not print and sale patterns and do give credit to me for design. It is my hope you enjoy these patterns and that you give thought to making a few extra for your local cancer center.

Deedra Mosley 2012


Emma’s Cowl

(Named for my friend Brittany’s Daughter)

Materials list:

· Caron worsted weight yarn

(Or your choice) 1 skein

· 1 skein of fancy eyelash yarn

· Size H hook

· Scissors

This is worked as a Mobius (Twisted) joined rounds after row one.

Row 1: Chain a long chain that goes from under your chin to 2 inches above your head. Work HDC to end.

Round 1: Join ends of above after twisting 2x then chain 2 and HDC each stitch.

(Turning not needed but you can if you wish to turn after each join.)

Round 2: HDC each stitch.

Round 3: hold eyelash yarn with your regular yarn and HDC each stitch.

Round 4: work as R3.

Round 5-7: with only plain yarn HDC each stitch

Round 8: DC each stitch

Round 9: work DC front post then back post around

Round 10-12: HDC each stitch

Round 13-14: work same as R8 and R9

Round 15-16: work as R10-12

Repeat R8-R16 till the desired size reached ending with the last row of DC front post back post.

Work next 3 rows HDC then 2 rows of eyelash yarn with regular yarn end with 3 rows regular yarn.

Work in any ends and you are finished!

The Brittany Cowl

(Named for my friend Brittany of course!)

Use the Material list from Emma’s Cowl Pattern above.

Chain a long chain that should reach from your chins bottom to 2 inches above your head.

Row 1: HDC till the end then twist 2x before joining with a slip stitch.

Round 1-3: HDC

Round 4-5: HDC holding the fancy yarn with regular yarn.

Round 5-8: HDC with plain yarn only.

Round 9: work DC

Repeat row 9 till the desired length reached!

Work rounds 1-8 then finish off!

There you have it!

Special Thanks to my daughter HazelAnn for being my model!

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