We are clay in the masters hands ….

you want to hide your pain away… you long to see a better day… you coat it in more misery try to wrap it up in your sexuality..looking to hide it in your color and roll it through your life like a flag you are under… this pain is from your brokenness without Jesus Christ there can be no openness. You will hide your shame, from the pain wrap it up with many names….cover it you just can’t d…o… you see I know because once I was like you. A vase that is broken can’t mend itself… once it is shattered from falling off the shelf. It needs someone who knows how it should be to fix it back for all eternity… Let your brokenness be mended by the master’s hands…So once more on your shelf you can stand…holding water and life being what you were made to be… This is my prayer for all of humanity..that you would see… we are not under many labels but just one…we are the broken vases of humanity and in desperation we cry out to be healed and restored…but we can only be what God has made us and nothing more… so give up this longing to be something else and yield to the master as he sets you right….and come out of this night… -Deedra Mosley 2011 We are clay in the masters hands ….

This was a FaceBook post off cuff poetry I did today…thought I would add it here…

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