About the Author

     Deedra Mosley is an indie author with five years experience in the indie publishing industry. Deedra’s  published works include: Confessions (Amazon, 2013), Kentucky Prose First Edition (Blurb, 2013 & rereleased version for Amazon, 2016), Louise Green & The Curse Of The Bleeding Heart Necklace (Amazon, 2016), and Louise Green Is The Lady In White (Amazon, 2017). She also writes two blogs: Deedra Mosley The Life & Times of a Small Town Writer (WordPress.com) and The Dewey Clyde Hamilton Foundation Inc. Surviving the loss of a loved one to suicide (WordPress.com). She was born in Prestonsburg Kentucky and currently resides in Knott County Kentucky with her two children. Her love of writing started in grade school with chapbooks created for her English class.

    Her writing support group Write for Me ( Located on Facebook) hosts tips & fun writing prompts for her close-knit group of fellow writers.  November during NaNoWriMo time you can find her handing out support while carving out stories. She has won the last three years of competitions and plans to continue competing in the future. What are 50k words after all? A story, that’s what.

                        Welcome inside the mind of Author Deedra Mosley!

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