About Author Deedra Nichole

Deedra Nichole is an indie author, artist, and illustrator that has built a career by publishing her own dark and mysterious works. She mentors and gives support to other upcoming indie authors through her blog, website, and Facebook writing group.

Deedra is dedicated to expanding her own repertoire of novels and poetry collections in which she explores themes of the mystical, enchanting, enigmatic and tenebrous. If you are looking for light in the midst of darkness take a look inside one of Deedra’s current works.

The first podcast interview done for the Louise Green series is available for your listening pleasure. April Mahoney was delightful to work with and you can hear a small portion of Louise Green & The Curse Of The Bleeding Heart Necklace read during the interview. Just click the link and get ready to enjoy Louise Green On the Edge with April Mahoney! Podcast Interview August 10th 2018

The Louise Green Series 



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